De Earth Charter Initiative as em concern Nigeria

De Earth Charter dey inside work

De Earth Charter Initiative as em concern Nigeria


De Earth Charter na wetin dem don declare publicly to do and wen de very important  conerning good behavior were go help build nice, sustainable and peaceful society for de world for de 21st century. Ede wants to put de idea inside every person of de new sense of de world wen every person go de need each orda and  dey share work for de beta of all de whole human beings family, de big area wen life dey  and de children of tomorrow. Na vision of hope and na call for action.

De Earth Charter dey mainly concerned wit de movement to susutainable ways of living and sustainable human development.

De respect for where human beings, animal and plants dey live togeda na de main mata. However, de Earth Charter no sey na de goals of protecting where human beings, animals and plants de live togeda, de removal of poverty, how economic development go dey equal, respect for human beings rights, democracy, and peace de tied together and need each other and no person fit divide am.

Ecome make available, therefore de new structure of de system, wen go dey guide de movement to sustainable tomorrow, to include every person togeda.

De Earth Charter na de product of many year’s discussion with people for every where for this world and wit every culture including wetin dem take as important and go beta for every ordinary person. De Earth Charter project begin as United Nations idea, but dem come carriam waka go front and come complete am to bi civil society idea for de whole world.

De Earth Charter wen dem come finish am, dem come launch am as people’s Charter for inside 2000 by de Charter Commission wen bi Independent International Organisation.

De first paper wen dem take write de Earth Charter involve plenty people wen join hands work as eneva happen before to create wetin dem internationally declare.

Dis process na him come be de main tin wen come allow em acceptance as law for de guiding of good system.
De acceptance of de document com dey more, as over 4,500 organisations including many governments and international organization don signam.

Because of dis acceptance of de document, plenty international lawyers don dey sabi sey, de Earth Charter document don de get de levels of soft law document.

Soft law document like de Universal declaration of Human Rights dem take dem as morally but no bi legally, wen fit to hold state governments wen agree to sign and use, and mostly form de grounds to develop hard law.

For  times like dis, wen de main changes inside how us de think and live need hurry hurry, de Earth Charter de challenges us make we check how we de value tins and choose beta way

For  times like dis, wen International people de join hand dey increasely necessary, de Earth Chart dey encourage us to search for our common levels inside we differences and to accept de new and good way wen dem dey share by every small group of people for everywhere inside dis world.

For time like dis, wen educatin for sustainable development don become important, de Earth Charter dey give important educational instrument.