De Earth Charter Initiative as em concern Nigeria

De Earth Charter dey inside work

De Earth Charter Initiative as em concern Nigeria

Watin dem write about Earth Charter

Small talk about wetin we go discuss

We dey very tough period for dis world wen we dey live, wen we suppose to choose how em tomorrow go bi. As we dey see, de ground wen dey dis world don dey need us as we dey need am to live, because of de way efit damage if we no look am very well. Dis ground wen dey dis world wen we dey look so, ehold serious danger and many beta for us. So, to waka go front, we must no sey, inside dis attraction of de different cultures wen we get and de different ways wen we dey live we lives, we bi one family and na inside one world we dey wen get only one destiny for all of us. Na de tin wen make we must join we hands togeda, make us bring sustainable world where people go start to dey give respect for natural tins, de rights of human beings for the whole world, economic justice and de culture of peace. As ebi so, edon dey very important for us wen dey live for dis world, make we talkam make every person hear how our concern go bi for earth each orda, de big area where life dey and we children and grand children.


Human being na hem bi part of the tins wen de change very fast for dis world. Earth, where we dey live so, eget life and plenty tins wen get life dey live inside too. De power wen de earth get make everytin wen de live inside to find how to survive with skill, patience, and plenty work as dem no dey sure of wetin go happen after. But, de Eearth by emself don put wetin life need for am to change and grow for every person and tins wen dey live inside earth to beta. Ecom fall for deir head to make sure dem protect de side of de Eearth wen human beings, animals and plants dey live and control how dem all go de live fine wit de environment, so dat dem go dey get beta animals, plants for food wit clean water and fresh breeze. Dis environment and em resources wen fit finish and go fit affect all  de people wen de live inside am, don becom serious concern for everybody. To safe this we earth’s fineness, empower and energy and the different types of people and tins wen dey inside, us must take am as sometin wen dem give us not to spoil.  


De wey people dey prepare and make tins and de wey ordas dey eatam or useam, bi another wahala wen dey affect environment, de resources wen dey de land and dey kill plenty animals and plants wen dey live inside Earth. Even some areas, because of this wahala dey don dey weak to perform. Na true also sey, de gap wen dey between de rich people and de poor ones dey increase because wetin dem dey get from development dem no dey sharam equally, injustice, poverty ignorance and serious quarrel de scatter scatter every where and dey cause serious suffering. Anoda bad tin wen neva happen before, na de way human beings dey born sotey de earth no fit hold dem well again wit wetin eget for inside ground. Dis tin don make de tins wen earth dey use protect life dey shake. Dis tins wen dey happen dey very dangerous but no bi sey we human beings no fit avoidam.  


De choice na we own: from every person and organization wen dey de world to join hands to care for Earth or risk de destruction of weselves and de different kinds of life.

Important changes dey needed inside we institution and dey way we dey live. We must no sey, wen tins wen dey keep life don dey satisfied, human being development de primarily about how hem go de more and no bi how hem go get more. We get de knowledge and technology to provide for all and to reduce how we dey worry de environment. As we don know, de civil societies wen dey all over de world don make new ways for us to build and show kindness to every person and animals wen no go make dem suffer at all. Wetin dey challenge we environment, economic, political, social and spiritual dey tied togeda and na togeda we go fit form solution inside.


To achieve these ideas, we must live and bi we brothers keepers, and believe sey all of us na one, whether for we area or every place for de whole earth. We must see weself as citizens of any country as we dey togeda for dis world every person must put hem hand to work for de beta of every person family and for de whole people wen dey live for dis world. If we look and remember de position wen God put human being for dis world and de life wen hem dash us, we go see reason why we need to live togeda wit all orda human beings, de animals and plants wen day around us.

Wetin we need now, bi to share de important dreams wen go help us provide wetin de whole world go accept sey dey correct if any person do am for de new world wen go soon begin. Na it bi sai de whole world wit hope, go accept sey de way wen  we go need each other go bi sustainable way of life wen go fit form one kind style of life wen go help guide and check wetin any person, institution, businesses, governments and transnational institutions dey do.


1. Respect Earth and life in de differet way wen ede .

  1. we must know sey every human being and all de tins wen get life, need each other and dey important no mata how human being tekam.
  2. support de faith wen people get sey all human beings get respect inside dem and inside deir sabi sabi, art work, good, good principles and spiritual powers wen human being get.

2. Concern, strong pity, love and understanding for de human beings, animals and plants wen dey area.

  1. We must agree sey, as we get right to get resources wen dey dis world, use and manage dem , na so ebi sey we also get the work to protect dem and the rights of every other person.
  2. We must also agree sey, as we freedom, knowledge, and power dey increase, na so we work to promote wetin good for every person.

3. Build Democratic Societies wen dey nice, everybody fit join hand, sustainable and peaceful.

  1. we must make sure sey, anywhere wen human beings dey live no mata de levels, every person get rights and true, true freedom dey and give every person de opportunity make hem use wetin hem fit do get watin hem want for life.
  2. promote justice inside how we dey relate and do business or trade to make everybody dey secure and get wetin hem want for dis place wen man, animal and plants dey live togeda and dey provide for each orda.

4. Protect Earth fineness and de plenty free resources wen dey for today and for we children.

  1. We must know sey, the freedom of action wen everybody de express now, na hem go show wetin we children go need tomorrow.
  2. We suppose de tell we children from now about wetin dey important, de kind of traditions and institutions wen go help support human beings, animals and de plants wen dem dey live togeda for Earth to look fine and dey grow for many years.

    In orda to fulfil these four big commitments, ede necessary sey:  

5. protect and return de respect and honesty wen all de animals, plants, human beings and the ground get before wen dem dey relate for de whole world; with more important concern for de different tins wen dey inside dem, and de natural way dem dey take sustain deir lives.

  1. Start to use for every level sustainable development plans and em rules wen go fit make environment maintenance and management important to all development initiatives.
  2. create and safeguard important nature and all de tins wen  get live for ground, including de living tins wen dey inside sea, to protect wetin  de support life for world and maintain all de different types of animals, human beings and plants wen make de world get balance environment so dat dis world De Story and quality go dey correct.
  3. Promote how to get back all those animals and plants wen people don nearly kill commort for this world and return back de way all de animals, plants, human beings and the ground dey relate for different places.
    d.     Control and remove any tin wen no tally wit nativity or artificial organism wen dey harmful to we native plants and animals and de environment and prevent make nobody bring dat kind of harmful organisms inside we environment.
  4. manage and use de resources dem wen we fit renew, like water, sand, wetin forest dey produce and wetin dey live for sea, to de level wen bi sey enogo pass how hem suppose grow reach and how de balance of animals and plant go dey well.
  5. manage de resources wen dey remove from ground and de use of resources wen dem  no go fit renew. Like, minerals, and fossi fuels so that we go reduce the way edey troway for ground, make eno cause serious wahala for environment.

6. Prevent harm as de beta  style wen  environment fit get protection and wen  sabi sabi no plenty, begin to protect environment before anything go even happen.

  1. even wen oyibo science  no clear, make we begin to take action to make sure say any tin wen go dey serious no com damage we environment.
  2. put de wahala to proof ontop those wen argue sey de  activity wen dem suggest no go cause serious harm and make de people wen suggestam de blame for damage wen happen to environment.
  3. sure sey any decision wen we want make must cover all and de long period, both de one wen no clear and de one wen dey far from us wen human beings dey do wen fit affect this world for now and for future.
  4. Prevent dirty from de breeze, water and de grounds for any where for de world and make we no allow any kind chemical wen go injure us or damage de environment gada.
  5. Make we no allow any kind military work com dey damage de environment.

7. Start to form ways wen we go dey produce, chop, use and dey born children wen dey correct with de level wen de world fit carry and wen go protect human beings right and area go dey well.

  1. reduce how we dey reuse and recycle  materials wen we dey use for production and consum and make sure sey, de remaining fit go back from ground, to plant and animals before human beings again.
  2. Act with control and work well wen we dey use energy and make we put mind more for any kind power source wen we fit start again. like de energy from sun and that one from breeze.
  3. Promote, de development, using and equal transfer of oyibo correct science sense to do tins.
  4. put inside selling price for goods and services all de social and environmental costs and make  customers to no products wen dey correct with deir social and environmental levels.
  5. Make sure sey every body for de world fit get health care wen go encourage dem born bikin well and take am as duty to born well
  6. starts to live life style wen go tell de quality of life and materials wen dey enough inside world wen get end.

8. Improve de study of how human beings, animals and plants go dey get sustainability and promote de open exchange and wide application of de tins wen we don sabi.

  1. support international science and technology cooperation wen concern sustainability wit beta concern for de needs of nations development.
  2. no and keep de traditional knowledge and spiritual sense inside all cultures and contribute to environmental protection  and make human beings dey well.
  3. make sure sey de information wen dey necessary and important for human being health and protection of  environment including genetic information must de available for every ordinary person.


9. Remove poverty as ede morally correct, social and environmental need attention immediately.

  1. guarantee de right to beta water, clean breeze, food security, sand wen no get disease,  where to put sleep, safe sanitation, and distribute de country and internationally resources we dem need.
  2. Give every human being education and resource wen go help am sustain hem life and give am security and safe cover for those wen no dey work or fit help demselves.
  3. Recognize those wen dem shun, protect those wen dey weak and fit dey injured both physically or emotionally, serve those wen de suffer and make dem, to develop deir level wen go allow dem pursue deir dreams.

10.  Make sure sey economic activities and institutions wen de every levels de promote human being development to dey dey equal and sustainable.

  1. Promote de equal distribution of richness inside one country and among plenty countries.
  2. Improved de way wen countries wen dey grow dey think, deir finance, deir practically work, and social resources of countries wen dey develop and help dem of de international money wen dem borrow wen dey cause wahala for dem.
  3. Make sure sey, all trade support  sustainable resource wen dem use, environmental protection and  labour wen dey to standard.
  4. Ask Multinational Corporation and international moni organizations make dem act with out wuru wuru for de beta of ordinary people and make dem to answer for any thing wen dem do.

11. Accept sey, man and woman fit do de same work and make fair judgment bi de bases to sustainable development and make sure sey everybody wen dey this world fit get education, health care and economic opportunity.

  1. obtain de human right of women and girls and end all de way people de beat dem.
  2. Promote women make dem full ground inside every thing wen concern economic, political, civil, social and cultural life, leaders and people wen suppose gain.
  3. Make families unite stronger and make sure sey de safety and de love wen dey make person grow and become successful touch every member of the families.

12. Maintain de right for everyperson witout choosing which person, de nature and social environment  wen supported de person respect, de health of embody and em spiritual well-being, wit special concern for de rights of those people wen originally first settle for de place and de small, small tribes wen dey.

  1. Remove discrimination any how wen ede , like de ones wen concern race, color, man or woman, sexual orientation, religion, language, and national or social beginning.
  2. Accept de right of the people wen originally first settle for any place to deir spiritual belief, wetin dem know, lands and resources and how dem dey practice sustainable survive.
  3. Honor and support de young people wen de area and help dem to fulfill deir important role to create sustainable societies.
  4. Protect and recover de correct places of culture and spiritual importance.


13.  Make democratic institution very strong for every levels and no allow wuru wuru and make people dey answer wetin dem do inside government, together wit make everybody dey join hands make decision and make ede possible for ordinary man to fit complain for court.

  1. maintain de right of everybody make him receive clear and timely information concerning environmental mata and all de development plans and activities wen go fit affect dem especially de one deir interest dey.
  2. Support local, regional and de civil societies wen dey de world and promote de meaningful joining of hand of the people and organization wen dey interested in decision making
  3. Protect de rights to freedom of opinion, to yarn, to gada witout wahala, join people or make friends and get different ideas.
  4. Structure administrative and judicial pattern wen dem no fit influence wen go work well produce result give people freedom to go court, improve and correct any danger wen fit affect environment.
  5. Remove wayo and cheating from every government and private institutions.
  6. Make people for area to dey very strong to help dem care for deir environment and give every level of government different environment work wen dem go fit do very well with beta result.

14. Bring togeda every tin make people learn inside school, for all de periods wen dem go dey life to dey learn wetin dem suppose no, take important and all the skills wen dem need for sustainable way of life.

  1. give all, especially children and youths wit educational opportunities wen go help dem to contribute l to sustainable development
  2. Promote de contribution of de Arts and humanities as well as de sciences inside sustainable education.
  3. Improve de role of de mass- media make dem dey raise de awareness of how, human beings, plants and animals de live and social challenges.
  4. No de importance of de principle of good behaviour and spiritual education for sustainable living.

15. Treat all human beings wen dey live with respect and consideration

  1. stop wickedness against animals when human beings keep for where dem dey live and protect dem make dem no dey suffer
  2. protect animals wen dey inside forest from different styles of hunting, trapping and fishing wen fit cause serious, long time or suffering wen dem fit avoid
  3. Avoid or remove to de normal level possible de taking or destruction of all de different animals and plants wen human beings no dey kill.

16.    Promote de culture of clean belle and friendship, no fighting and peace.

  1. Encourage and support understanding wen every person dey share and stand for witout shaking and cooperation wit every person, within and among plenty countries.
  2. Use strategies wen  go cover everyperson and go prevent  serious fighting and use problem solving method wen involve every person to manage and find strong solution for environment disagreements and other quarrels
  3. Quench soldier’s style of natural security system to de level wen no go dey make dem vex and convert de resources of soldiers for peaceful purposes including how to gain back how and where human beings, animal and plants dey live.
  4. Remove nuclear, biological, and toxic weapons and other weapons wey fit kill plenty people at once.
  5. Make sure sey dem dey use orbital and outer space supports environmental protection peace.
  6. Know sey, peace na de tin wen make person full ground because of de correct way wen we dey relate with our self, other people, other culture, orda life, Earth, and de big world and de many tins wen bi part of am.


As eneva before, common destiny don signal us to look for new beginning. Dat kind renewal nai bi these promise of these Earth Charters Principles. To fulfill dis promise, we must commit weselves to accepts and promote de important tins and objectives of de Charters.

Wetin this one want bi change of mind and heart. Ewant new sense of de need for each other and de whole world to work.

We must show new idea to develop and apply de vision of sustainable way os life for area, de country, regional and for de whole world.

Our cultureal differences na beta tin wen we inherite and  different culture go find deir own ways to achieve de vision, we must carry far and expand de de world discussion wn bring de Earth Charter, for we get plenty tins to learn from de way wen every person dey join to search for truth and wisdom.

Life de many times involves tensions between important tins wen de useful. Dis one de brings wahala to choose. However we must find ways to bring togeda de different tins with unity, de use of freedom wit de good of every person, short period objectives with long period goals. Every person, family, organization and area get very important role to play. Dem dey call de Arts, Sciences, religious, Institution, Media, businesses, non-governmental and government, make dem give correct leadership.

De joining of hands wit government, civil society and businesses dey very important to get strong and beta governance.

In orda to build sustainable world, de countries wen dey de world must renew deir commitment to de United Nations, fulfill deir  own work for de international agreement wen dey now, and support de use of de Earth Charter Principles wen get internations law wen fit hold dem concerning environment and development.

Allow make we own bi de time wen dem go remember for de starting of de new respect for life, de strong decision to achieve sustainability, de fast struggle for justice and peace and de  happy celebration life.