De Earth Charter Initiative as em concern Nigeria

De Earth Charter dey inside work

De Earth Charter Initiative as em concern Nigeria




  1. To raise de awareness for everywhere for de world concerning de Earth Charter and to promote understanding of de vision of good behavior wen also dey inside.
  2. To look for recognition and signatures for de Earth Charter from every person, organization and de United Nations.
  3. To promote de use of d Earth Charter as guide for good behavior and de way dem go use em principle work for civil society, business, and government.
  4. To encourage and support de use of de Earth Charter for education, inside Schools, Universities, religious places, local areas and many orda places.
  5. To promote de recognition and use of de Earth Charter as soft law document.

Decentralized Empowerment De way dem dey work

“Decentralization empowerment for scaling up” na de short name wen dem give a group of policy directives and decision wen dem take for 2007. De purpose of de De way dem dey work na to help de bid expansion of de Earth Charter Iniatives even if dem no make de administration wen dey center grow and to allow people contribution to multiply and grow.
In support of dis new De way dem dey work, dem com develop a group of De Guidelines wen den dey take work for decentralization empowerment of de Earth Charter Initiative. As a follow up to these guidelines, any person, organization, or area, fit dey use de Earth Charter and make am work in de correct way wen dey de level of hem strength, power and opportunities.
Focus Area and Task Forces

Inside em third yearly meeting for may 2008, de Earth Charter International (ECI) counitl com approve de creation of six task forces to bi part of de new long-range plan, wen com from de principles of decentralized empowerment and ede arranged to quickly expand Earth Charter activities for everywhere for de world.

Each Task Force go de look to develop network and promote de activities inside one of de following areas: Business, Education, de Media, Religion, de United Nations and Youth.

These six areas wen dem chose, na because dem get beta opportunities to use de Earth Charter De way dem dey work take improve de movement to sustainable way wen people go dey live. Inside most of these six areas, plenty beta activities and projects dey, wen de task forces fit de build on. Inside all these areas also, de quality for interest for de Earth Charter to spread same time pass de initial effect of de task force.

Dem arrange de task force to operate as volunteer networks wen go lead to independent initiatives. ECI council don form de idea and plenty ECI council don launch and with deir members wen dey act as “seed” team members. De ECI council executive committees go approve de appointment of de leadership team of every tasks force. However, de ECI council and de ECI secretariat no go direct or manage de activates of de tasks forces. De Secretariats go give some important services in support of de task forces. De Ssecretariat fit also, play de role wen go help improve de activities of some of de task forces wen edon get enough experience hands and materials wen ego use help as in de case, for example; education.  Edey expected sey de task force leadership teams go include plenty people wen no bi members of de ECI council, and sey orda organizations go give services for de task forces dem wen go make dem add weight to de idea of “extended secretariat.

De reason behind de decentralization empowerment De way dem dey work and de establishment of de task forces dem, na because of de reality sey de Earth Charter Initaitive na network and no bi Non- governmental organization (NGO) wen dey incorporated. Eno com de possible for de Earth Charter initiative to expand hem effect around de world and achieve hem mission if people see am as ordinary organization wen dey every where, where all de tins wen dey happen dey dey directly controlled by one organization, de ECI Secretariat. As de Earth Charter mission dey, ego dey impossible for even big NGO to watch and look over de different works of de Earth Charter Initiative activities for de whole world and de cost difficulty to attempt such work go bi miracle. Ego be work wen no dey possible and no dey wise.

In de real sense, de Earth Charter Initiative don develop de network of thousand of people and organization wen dey some times join hands and most times de act independently. De ECI council don create policies and strategies for de ECI secretariat and these policies and strategies also don give some guidelines for de big network wen form de Earth Charter initiatives. De small secretariat help with some important materials and other useful tins like moni. De office of many ECI council members don already dey support and help de secretariat and make extended secretariat office inside different regions of de world.

De people wen dey head every task force go bi one team of nearly two to ten person. De purpose of each task force na to make de new Earth Charter activity happen fast and to promote de expansion of de Earth Charter Network. Each task force go begin hem work by showing clearly de kind contribution wen de Earth Charter fit do for him area and de small area wen de Earth Charter go at least correctly fill.

Ego also de important to develop plan of action with short and long range goals and strategic wen dem fit use achieve these goals. De Task Force go den register de volunteer leadership and de support wen dem need to make de plan work and must bring together de necessary resources. Each Task Force go becom em own network of Earth Charter ambassadors and activists.

As part of de new long range plan, de ECI council also approve two orda projects wen involve improving de current web platform of de Earth Charter Initiatives for every where inside de world and prepare de communications materials including books, brochures, and films wen dey need to support de expansion of de iniative inside de areas wen de task force de put eyes.

De web platform wen dey de whole world go involve de creation of anoda local website inside every country with language or languages wen fit match.

All these local website go dey equipped with de same important information about de Erath Charter and de initiatives dem fit developam to settle de local issues. De secretariats go help wit these two projects.

De secretariat go put inside de Earth Charter International Website, reports of every time, concerning de activities of de two projects wen dey related. Persons wen get interest to support de work of de task force dey encourage to meet de leadership team directly.