De Earth Charter Initiative as em concern Nigeria

De Earth Charter dey inside work

De Earth Charter Initiative as em concern Nigeria


Signing of de Earth Charter by any person or organizations show de commitment to de spirit and aims of de document. Eshow sey dem dey ready to use de Earth Charter for different ways wen dey correct as de situation bi. Signing also mean sey dem dey commited and ready to work for de beta tins and principle of de Earth Charter and dey ready to cooperate with ordas inside dis new difficult work.

Plenty orda ways dey wen those wen sign de Earth Charter fit help to improve de objectives of de Earth Charter Initiatives. for example, one organization fit use de document to re-look into hem operations and re- arrange hem activities so that dem go resemble de principle of de Earth Charter and efit join de Earth Charter inside hem educational programs.

Signing of de Earth Charter dey open to any person and any institution. Earth Charter  International don make correct plans and efforts to dey check signatures and ECI believes sey any signature include de agreement sey de person wen sign na Earth Charter Endorser.


You fit sign de Earth Charter on-line or send us your signature statement. You fit use de following examples:-
“We, de people wen sign under, sign de Earth Charter. We agree wit de spirit and aim of de document. We promise to join de partnership wit de whole world for a nice, sustainable and peaceful world and to work for de realization of de values and principles of de Earth Charter”

In addition, dem expect sey de person wen de sign go:

  1. Actively promote de Earth Charter and follow de De Guidelines wen den dey take work as ede for section VI.
  2. Contributed to de Earth Charter Initiative and to Earth Charter- projects wen dem encourage for any way wen dey inside hem/ her professional work or pe.
  3. Implement de Earth Charter inside hem/her professional work or life.

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