De Earth Charter Initiative as em concern Nigeria

De Earth Charter dey inside work

De Earth Charter Initiative as em concern Nigeria



Earth Charter International (ECI) dey encourage every person to contribute to de goals of de Earth Charter initiative. Dem need your serious concern to join work and support. Inside this connection, ECI dey de process to increasing de initiatives for de whole world by promoting decentralization activity and de empowerment of every person, area and organization.

As ECI de carry-go wit dis new De way dem dey work, ego continue to de promote de Earth Charter through many formal international processes and small number of projects. However, dis new De way dem dey work dey necessary because de Earth Charter International Secretariat de only able to organize and direct small part of de whole range of actions wen dem need to make de Earth Charter Vision work.

De Action Guideline wen dem present for down na de resources wen dem arrange to help people conduct Earth Charter activities wen dey related in de ways wen ego work togeda wit de beta tins and principles of de Earth Charter.

De purpose of de De Guidelines wen den dey take work dey also to ensure sey certain measure of how decentralized action wen dem dey do on behalf of de Earth Charter dey constant. Think of de Guidelines as de best kind of organizing mechanism for de Earth Charter Initiative as ede prepare for fast decentralized expansion we go fit involve de action of plenty million people for de whole world.

De Action Guideline de addressed from de beginning to each person. De full way to start de many principle wen dey inside Earth Charter go need action from de different governments, cooperations and other organizations. However, de willingness of each person to work bi de most important area for leadership and change to make world beta and de contribution of every body inside all de sector dey also very important.

De Action Guideline no dey fixed and final. De Earth Charter International council go from time to time relook dem wit de lessons wen dem go dey learn from de different efforts to apply de Earth Charter inside different regions and sectors. De council dey welcom any talk or suggestion wen you get concerning dem.


  1. Start with de Earth Charter: - let de Earth Charter bi your important guide wen you dey plan and dey work to make de Earth Charter vision dey real.
  2. Bi one of de Living example:- try to bi one of de living example in your today- to- tomorrow life, for your house, inside your working place, and for your area
  3. EMPOWER yourself:- Act without fear, and trust sey you fit make difference as a single person and sey your activities go quickly change efforts of plenty people.
  4. COOPERATE, COOPERATE:- create de power to bring change as you join and work with ordas and always look for solution wen go dey make una win
  5. EMPOWER ORDAS:- share your powers as you join others and give dem opportunities to make dem strong to fit solve problems, make decision and lead ordas and also dey get ideas.
  6. PROMOTE RESPECT And UNDERSTANDING:- try to build relationships wen get equal respect and trust among every person and groups from different cultures and areas and solve quarrel through discussion wen go bring learning and growth.
  7. MAKE SELF ORGANIZATION EASY:- make de spread of de initiate wen de Earth Charter encourage easy without trying to control dem, believe in de ability of de groups wen human beings form with clear purpose wen good to help people organize by demselves and achieve de correct result.
  8. PUT YOUR EYES FOR DE MAIN CAUSES Of PROBLEMS:- put your eyes and action on de main causes of de major problems and challenges wen dey face human beings and no let de pressure of de unsustainable system wen dey now and practice discourage you from taking action.
  9. DEY COMMITTED BUT ALSO DEY FREE TO ACCEPT CHALLENGES:- no dey shake wit your commitment and important principles and ensure sey de ways accept to achieve your goals dey de same as de important tins for Earth Charter, but, always dey ready to accept changes and dey renew your ideas on de way you dey select means and methods as happenings dey change
  10. DEY RESOURCEFUL:- no let your tinking and action reduce because you don depend on moni; use your brain to make tins happen.
  11. DEY USE TECHNOLOGY WISELY:- dey remember and consider sey plenty people no get means to get science knowledge wen dem dey use for practical work and wen you dey structure dat kind solutions to problem solving, you must ensure sey ede correct with de people levels.
  12. PROTECT DE RESPECT FOR DE CHARTER:- wen you dey present, quote or translate de Earth Charter dey careful to de words and spirit of de original writing and link de Charter only to organization, products and happenings wen dey normal wit hem vision and beta tins.