De Earth Charter Initiative as em concern Nigeria

De Earth Charter dey inside work

De Earth Charter Initiative as em concern Nigeria



“ De Earth Charter Initiatives” bi de name for all de good kind of people wen come from different areas, people wen de connected for the whole world, organization and institution wen put hand dey promote and dey use de important tins and principles of de Earth Charter.

De initiative get different types of people and de wide, people wen accept to work by demselves, and civil society help. Other people wen join hand work include most successful international institution, national governments and deir agencies. University associations, Non- government organizations and groups wen dey area, city government, faith groups, schools and businesses- as well as as thousand of persons.

Many organization don formally sign de Earth Charter and dey use am or de promote hem vision and many others dey use am or de promote de Charter without dem even signing.

Earth Charter International contain the ECI council and secretariat. ECI de to improve de Earth Charter Initiatives Mission and Vision. Ede help to promote de spreading, acceptance, and de use of de Earth Charter and to support de growth and development of de Earth Charter Initiatives. Dem create ECI inside 2006 make ebi de real part wen dem go take re- arrange and increase de activities of de Earth Charter.

Ede important to remember sey, even though Earth Charter International Council de give leadership and guidance to de generalwhole initiatives, eno dey  directly govern or control de Earth Charter Initiative kpata- kpata. Em no dey govern de initiatives officially. De council de responsible only for de governance of Earth Charter International.

De Earth Charter Commission , wen dem form inside 1997 to bi himself as international body by de Earth Council and Green Cross International, na him watch over how dem do de Earth Charter Consultation and drafting process, com approve de final text for de Earth Charter and launch de earth charter inside 2000. De Commission still dey maintain de power over de text for de Earth Charter; and all em members de advise de Earth Charter International and dey serve as Earth Charter Ambassador. However sha, de commission no longer de inside those wen dey in charge of de Earth Charter Initiatives. Dey don give dat work to de Earth Charter International Council.

De ECI Council de incharge of de work of de Earth Charter International secretariat. Na ECI de fix de main goals, policies and strategies for ECI, and dey give guidance and leadership to de whole initiatives. De ECI Council neva de registered with government. De Council and global network of Earth Charter Supporters de join hands de elect de council members.

De ECI secretariat wen gada ground for de University for Peace inside Costal Rica, don help promote de mission, vision, strategies and policies wen ECI don accept. ECI secretariat de support de work of de council, dey help dem with strategic planning and dey coordinate many Earth Charter work.

De secretariat de guide and de link with other areas of helps to bring de Earth Charter inside education, young people, businesses and religion. De secretariat de also manage de method of sending information with de big Earth Charter Network and dey promote de use of de Earth Chart make ebi internation soft law document.

ECI affiliates na persons or organizations wen share de Earth Charter vision and dem dey committed to promote de Earth Charter and dey help to see sey dem use de ECI strategies for deir countries. Affiliates enter official agreement with Earth Charter International to bi deir strong source for Earth Charter Information and dey activity inside deir country. De ECI secretariat dey  coordinate activities wit Affiliates and dey give dem guidance and resource materials. Sometimes ede pass one affiliate inside one country. Affiliates don agree to maintain close way to dey send information to de Earth Charter International and to dey bring important gist wen concern activities wen Earth Charter dey do for deir regions. De same tin, ECI don agree to dey inform affiliates of important  decision and happenings wen go affect dem and to de provide dem with guidance, strategies, advice and de tins wen go help dem dey send information (de level go depend on de resources wen dey hand)

Strategic partners na organization wen deir activities dey directly and program link dem to support de Earth Charter and de Earth Initiatives, or wen deir work dey togeda with Earth Charter Principle. Dem go mostly be international organization, however, dem fit get national or local focus.

Partner Organization don enter formal agreement wen dem de call (a memorandum of understanding, letter of agreement or some other formal agreement) with Earth Charter and how Earth Charter International go de support dem.

Endorser na any person or na organization wen formally express deir support and dey ready to work with de feelings and purpose of de Earth Charter document. De levels of endorser dey open to any organization of any size and every person. De ECI secretariat don actively obtain de signature of important international and national organization.

ECI Advisors na persons wen dem formally no sey dey give correct advice and support for de ECI Council and Secretariat. Every persons dey invited to become advisors because of deir personal interest and commitment  for de Earth Charter; de amount of tins wen dem fit do to properly give advice and support for de ECI Council, de secretariat and Task Force, and where dey necessary, deir organizational affiliation. Na de Oga kpata kpata director of de Secretariat na hem de appoint advisors.


Task Force don de arrange make ede work as volunteer networks wen go lata become Independent Initiatives. Task Force go dey put eye to develop network  and  promote activities for some of these areas: Businesses, Education, De Media, Religion, De United Nations And Youth. De ECI council Oga kpata- kpata committee go dey approve de appointment of de Oga position for any group wen den for Task Force.

Task Force go dey involve council members, every person and organization partners, affiliates or adviser. De ECI council go also de every short time inside one year de look de work wen every Task Force dey do whether dem de waka go front. However sha, de ECI Council and de ECI Secretariat no go direct and manage de work of de Task Force.  


Volunteers or supporters na endorsers wen don commit demselves and Contribute resources – time, moni, network- relationship, and promotion for ordinary people or anytin wen dem tell dem to do for de Earth Charter Initiative. Dem fit bi organizations, governments, or any person. “Volunteers/ supporters” na de same tin like members wen dey traditional NGO membership programme, unless sey dem no link up with any organization wen dem don register for corporate affairs or formally and dem no com get formal rights from deir supporters levels.