The Earth Charter Initiative - Nigeria

The mission of the Earth Charter Initiative is to promote the transition to sustainable ways of living and a global society founded on a shared ethical framework that includes respect and care for the community of life, ecological integrity, universal human rights, respect for diversity, economic justice, democracy, and a culture of peace.

How you can help or participate
The Earth Charter Initiative is encouraging people to make use of the Earth Charter in their personal lives and in organizations to which they belong. There are many ways in which you can become involved and contribute in making the vision of the Earth Charter a reality. Click here for more.

Action Guidelines for Decentralized Expansion of the Earth Charter Initiative
The purpose of the Action Guidelines is to ensure a certain measure of consistency in how decentralized actions on behalf of the Earth Charter are carried out. The Action Guidelines presented below are a resource designed to help people conduct Earth Charter related activities in ways that are in harmony with the values and principles of the Earth Charter. 

The Earth Charter “The Earth Charter Initiative”
is a declaration of fundamental ethical principles for building a just, sustainable and peaceful global society in the 21st century. is the collective name for the extraordinarily diverse, global network of people, organizations, and institutions that participate in promoting and implementing the values and principles of the Earth Charter.